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“You know, most people would at least be nice to a 9-year-old and said yes.”

“I don’t joke about it, even to a kid.”

Another idea not going to use for reverse bang XD

For some reasons this feels like Erik is that distant cousin who is extremely different/rebellious-and-yet-has-his-own-success than the rest of the family, and Charles growing up hearing all his crazy stories and gossips every Thanksgivings and Christmas

Ok I almost forgot about this but this holiday season I heard another story from a friend that his relatives are all gossipping about his cousin who gave up his very good golden career and went to Africa for photography (mailed back a bunch of postcards with safari, local tribe and animals), and then ended up married to a local girl he met there….and he told his family he is gay just the year before. So his family didn’t know to feel relieve (they were mostly homophobic and traditional Asians…) or even more worried. lol



Evil professor posted this and as someone who loves politic/romance/them being 2 kings and such, fell for it. 

So many ideas on where this can go, but I’ll just leave it here…now if there’s some fic…/plea

(i.e. Erik has been waiting for Charles to make some moves for a long time/Erik enjoys ambushing Charles because Charles was too good on battlefield so he didn’t succeed most of the times/Charles actually planned this b/c he knows Erik has been lusting over him, etc)

Now with fic!! TWO fics, links below, ah, what a great weekend <3

professorofeljay : glad to know you are writing your own idea! ;D

aesc :slightly different but good nonetheless!! I love the trope of they grow up together <3<3

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